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Completion Rate Calculator

To calculate the number of completed courses needed to reach the 67% completion rate, enter your overall number of credit hours attempted and the overall number of all credit hours completed. (REMINDER: Repeated courses count as attempted every time, but completed only once.)

DISCLAIMER: The completion rate calculator is an unofficial estimate. Contact the Advising Office for specific information regarding your completion rate.

Log in to eServices to view your attempted and completed credits. From the left hand menu select Academic Records and then Unofficial Transcripts to view your total ‘Att’ Attempted credits and ‘Earn’ Earned credits. *

* If you took developmental education courses Fall 2021 or after, these credits are not included in completion rate positively or negatively. For an accurate completion rate, you must identify the developmental education courses on your transcript/academic record with the ‘> or <’ symbol notation Fall 2021 or after, and exclude/minus these from your attempted and completed credit totals. Example of a transcript/academic record with the developmental education symbol ‘> or <’ notation:

CV Number Example Fall 2021

* If you took classes in Spring 2020, students who withdrew from a class after March 12, 2020 did not have that withdraw negatively impact completion rate; withdraws prior to March 12, 2020 did negatively impact completion rate. If there are courses with the ‘CV’ notation on your unofficial transcript/academic record, exclude these from your attempted and completed credit totals. Example of an official transcript/academic record with the Spring 2020 'CV' notation:

CV Number Example for Spring 2020